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Memorial Park of Concentration Camp "Płaszów"

Cracow, Poland, 2007

The intention of this design is to create a place of memory in a naturally landscaped park. The design concept is based on integration with the existing landscape, stimulation of its development, and the addition of new elements that reference history while complementing the scenery.

Greenery design
Existing greenery will be preserved and supplemented with new plantings. Various zones have been identified, such as forest, pedestrian paths, and meadow. With the goal of maintaining continuity in vegetation characteristics, new plants will match already standing trees: sycamore maple, maple, ash, black lilac, linden, and black pine.

To create pedestrian zones, some of the existing paths and interior streets will be coated with a layer of black bitumen. Pedestrian avenues have been situated in attractive places that have both long and short distance views; these are visible in the general master plan of the area. The design also contains a parking lot on Szwaszowicka Street for approximately 30 cars.

Field Works
The natural topology of cliffs, valleys, and hills will be kept intact. Flattening of terrain will occur only near parking lots.

Elements of Small Architecture
In the location of previous prisoner barracks, rectangular stone frames encompassing yellow field flowers, Brassica Napus, have been envisioned. The stones will be made of limestone from a nearby quarry, to be assembled by traditional bonding methods. Illumination will be placed in a horizontal groove on the interior of the stone frame. The height of the frames will allow them to be used also as benches. These lighting elements will be placed in a horizontal groove on the interior wall. Spacing between the lighting frame and earth will be provided by a steel barrier. The height of the frames, 45 cm, will allow the frames to serve also as benches.

Information Points
The formal "Grey House" will be adapted into a chamber of memory.

City of Cracow

51.700 m2


Matteo Arnone
Paolo Fontana
Aleksandra Kubos-Nowak
Konrad Lewacki
Maciej Lewicki
Duncan Marsden
Ido Segal